For  Photographers

Are you a newborn photographer wanting to take your skills to the next level?  Maybe you're wanting to take your hobby and learn how to turn it into a business.  With over 10 years in the portrait industry, I am here to help! From in-person workshops to online learning, we offer something for everyone who is ready to start learning and earning the art of Newborn Photography!



1:1 or 2:1 private session in my studio: $1,650 USD

1:1 or 2:1 private session with travel to your studio:  $3,150 USD

Mentorships will start at 9:00 A.M. and end at approximately 6:00 P.M.

You WILL be taking photos and are required to bring your camera.  

A private mentorship is the perfect opportunity for you to learn and focus on exactly what it is you're looking to get better at. On the date of your mentorship, we will have a full newborn session with a newborn and parents and we will cover all of the following:  
- Planning for and setting up for a newborn session.

- Posing workflow with a newborn baby.
- Posing with parents.
- Setting up for, shooting, and doing a newborn composite image in photoshop.
- Lighting, camera settings, camera equipment used and how to shoot in manual mode if you are not doing so already.  I shoot canon, but the fundamentals of shooting in manual mode are the same no matter what camera you are using.  For newborn sessions, I use a 35mm lens, however many, many newborn photographers use a 50mm as well - as long as you have either one of these, you will be good to go!
- After the session, we will go over my editing process in photoshop and we will sit down and edit several images together.
- Figuring out your Cost of Doing Business ("CODB") and what you should be charging.  **NOTE: I do NOT teach IPS.
- Using a client management system. 
-  A light lunch will be included.

- Dinner and drinks at the end where we can go over any additional questions you may have and can 'pick my brain'!

A $350 non-refundable retainer is due to book a date* and the remaining balance is due 1-week prior to the mentor date.


*The date will be agreed upon between photographer and mentor. 


Additional Details:  Mentorships are not available for photographers living within 60-miles of Charleston, South Carolina.  Mentorship is not available to those who are already teaching newborn photography.  Additionally, you are prohibited to teach newborn photography for 1-year after the date of your mentorship. 


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