Tips for Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

You just found out you are expecting a new bundle of joy - Congratulations! Now is the time to start thinking about how you want to capture this amazing, once in a life time moment.  Our little ones are only little for a very, very short period of time which is why it is so important to preserve these most special times so we can look back and cherish them for years to come.  With so many photographers these days, how do you choose? The following tips should help you get on the right track and on your way to booking your photography session!   

What style are you interested in?  Newborn photography has several different styles to choose from depending on your desires! I offer sessions in the studio or in your home (Lifestyle).  If you are interested in a posed session with props and outfits - the Luxe studio session is just what you're looking for! If you are wanting a more relaxed session with a focus on documenting the new bonding and love of your family with the new baby, the lifestyle session is perfect and features your home as the backdrop!  

Do you love the photographer's work? This is a must! Photography is ART. Plain and simple. And, with art, there are many different styles.  In the studio, I use a professional lighting set up so the photos are always consistent and produce deep, rich, creamy photographs.  Lifestyle sessions use natural light for a more light and airy style to match the relaxed feeling of the session.  Loving a photographer's work will certainly reflect on whether or not you love the images you receive from your session.   What experience do they have with newborn safety? Newborn safety is the MOST important aspect to consider when choosing a photographer.  Choosing a photographer who is just starting out and has not had any kind of hands-on experience/training under supervision can be extremely dangerous and a gamble, to say the least.  When preparing for baby's arrival, you research the safest car seats, strollers, cribs, etc. so why not do the same for your photographer?  Aside from having a baby of my own and for the year prior to opening Belly to Baby Photography, I spent countless hours taking workshops - both online and in person - to learn all about newborn safety in wrapping and posing and continue to do so to this very day as the art of photography is always changing.  You will also see me use a gentle, Babyganics brand hand sanitizer throughout the session.   What experience do they have with photography? We have all heard horror stories of our sister's neighbor's cousin who just bought a camera and is ready to be a photographer and take photos for you for FREE...or dirt cheap.  While I applaud anyone who wants to learn photography and encourage it, you will need to consider if you want professional images from someone with experience vs. amateur images from someone who is starting out.  I started my business in 2011 and it has transformed worlds since that time including several name changes until I had my son and landed on the desire to focus on Maternity, Newborns, and the First Year. What's your budget? Ahh, there it is - the dreaded "B" word...Budget!  Photography packages range from free to thousands of dollars!  Some include digitals and others include heirloom products. Something to remember when choosing a photographer and the investment you will make is that photographers spend a lot more time on your session outside of the time they spend with you during the session.  This includes planning and executing the perfect session, culling through the bad images, and perfectly editing the chosen ones into a work of art that will be handed over to you to cherish for many years to come.  While it is important to stick to your budget, it is also important to ensure you will be happy with your images because newborns are only 'new' for such a short period of time and it is a once in a lifetime session for them as they change SO fast! There is nothing quite as special as seeing your sweet baby on a large canvas on display in your home, to look at and smile at every single day.