Everett was such a trooper for his session! He slept so amazingly but also woke up for a bit to say hello.

For his session, his mom wanted blues, greens, and a woodland type of theme. I was more than happy to oblige and my heart stopped when I came across this backdrop as I knew it would be absolutely perfect!!

I also incorporated some foresty ferns into the gallery as I felt this would be a great compliment! When I brought this into my computer to develop it, I was not disappointed one bit!

In keeping up with the request for blues, I used this gorgeous shade of blue to for some of his posed images! The name of it from the vendor is actually "Tarzan" - how perfect! (Although, he was king of the jungle - not forest - but close enough! haha!)

I also chose to use this really pretty shade of green to add in a little more of that color pallet as per his mom's request. It was my first time using this color of green and I absolutely LOVE it!