How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session After Baby Arrives

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

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Congratulations! You've had your baby! ....Now, what do you do?! First things first, you will need to contact your photographer to let them know your baby has arrived! At that time, you will receive your session date and time.  Here are some tips on how to prepare for your baby's first big photoshoot!

- Keep baby awake for at least 1 hour prior to arrival.  Enlist dad to play a game of peek-a-boo or give baby a warm bath to keep them awake and interested.  Giving a bath will also ensure they are nice and squeaky clean for their session.  

- Immediately before it is time to leave your home to start making your way to the studio, please feed the baby so they can pass out “milk drunk” during the car ride.  Please bring 1-2 bottles of breastmilk or formula for the baby during the session. If you are strictly breastfeeding and do not use a bottle, plan to stay for the entire quoted time of your session (or longer) as strict breastfeeders tend to stop feeding more often than when bottle-fed.  

- Prior to arriving, please have the baby’s diaper on loosely (but not so loose, it’s all coming out!)  This will help minimize red marks from the diaper on the skin.

- If your baby uses gas drops – please bring them with you to the session.

- Pacifiers are strongly suggested for the duration of the session, even if you do not give them one at home.  Studies have proven that babies need to suck to soothe.  For that reason, pacifiers can make a huge difference when calming an unsettled baby and can be the difference between getting and missing a certain shot/pose.  The short amount of time that we will use a pacifier for the session will NOT affect any habit-forming behaviors and will NOT cause 'nipple confusion.  Pacifiers are only used when assistance in getting a pose is needed. Please remove any loves/stuffed animals you have attached to the pacifier prior to your arrival.

- Babies love being warm and cozy, after all, they did just come out of a room that was always 98 degrees 😊.  Babies are typically naked for a good portion of the session so we need to keep the temperature up to keep them comfortable.  Oftentimes, a small space heater will be used to achieve the warmth that baby needs to stay happy.  If you are a hot-natured person, I would advise wearing short sleeves or something on the cooler side to the session. 

- Babies poop…and pee…and spit up a lot! No worries…I’m prepared. It’s part of the gig! I will have wipes and towels on hand to clean up any messes that may occur during the session.  

- You may see me rocking, and rocking, and rocking your baby.  While I rock, I watch your baby for the signs that they are entering into the deep sleep that I need for a lot of newborn poses.  While you may feel you want to jump in and help, I kindly request that you sit back and relax and enjoy the time.  This helps to eliminate the need for a hand-off that could wake the baby up.