I've known Kat for several years. She is also a local newborn photographer in the area and we first met at a newborn workshop we were taking to further our education. Little did we know, that workshop would turn out to be...well, a waste of time. After the workshop ended, we divulged into a bottle of wine together to talk about what in the WORLD just happened! Since that time, we have kept in contact and now that she is expecting, she chose me to photograph this time for her. To say I feel completely honored every time another photographer chooses me to take their photos is an understatement!

Kat was looking for a rustic theme to her maternity shoot and we chose the Silos! I personally love this location because outside of the beautiful silos on the property, it also has a lot of other charming spots which is always nice when building a stunning and diverse gallery for a client!

This particular shoot was a bit rough for me! For starters, the gnats were SO bad. They are one of the not-so-charming things about living in the South! I also stepped into a fire ant pile (which was HORRIBLE!) and even managed to get a splinter in my finger! Through all of that though, I still think it was TOTALLY worth it!

My most creative image from this session took place in a pile of dirt! ...Yep! You read that right! A pile of dirt! I asked Kat to sit in it because I had a VISION. I didn't know if I would be able to bring this vision to life or if it would even look as good once created as it did in my head - but you never know until you try, right?! ...Here it is, what do ya' think?!