Newborn | Ford

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

While getting back into the swing of things, baby Ford was the last session I had before signing a lease for my current studio space in downtown Summerville! I traveled to his home in Mt. Pleasant and boy was that an adventure! Let me just tell you, I am directionally challenged even when I have a GPS telling me where to go! On this particular morning, 526 was a mess! My GPS attempted to route me around the accident and jump me back onto 526 at a later point past the accident.

Well, in being directionally challenged, I managed to get back onto 526 but going the WRONG way! Miraculously, I made it to the session on time only to find that I had left my studio light at my home...back in Summerville. I had never in my life made such a mistake and I was mortified! I kept it together, called my mom, and that sweet lady saved the day for me when she brought me my light! No time was wasted in the interim as I set up for the session and started with parent shots.

...Once the chaos of my morning had subsided, I regrouped and continued on with the session! Mr. Ford was as sweet as could be for his session!

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If you've met me, you know that I thoroughly enjoy talking with the parents during a session. I mean, it's kind of weird to just sit there in complete silence while they stare at you #amiright ?! So I always enjoy some good conversation - after all, we have about 3-4 hours of time together! I loved getting to hear about their family business and the different roles family members play in the business. Maybe one day one of my kiddo's will want to be a portrait photographer? Hmm...

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At the end of the session, I sat down with mom and we picked out a beautiful album - she chose the sapphire velvet cover and oh. my. gosh. When I received it in the mail from my lab, it actually made my jaw drop - it was STUNNING. All of the images from the session were included in the album and it makes my heart so happy that my client will have these precious images of her little one forever archived in a beautiful album.

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